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Whatever your goal, from achieving your personal best to turning professional, we have a team of experts who can take you there. From the successful Team GB Tanfield brothers to our 70.3 Ironman World Champion and British Cycling XCM Champion, the Vitfor team boasts successes across a range of endurance sports including cycling, running, duathlon and triathlon.

Ready to take your training to the next level?

Craig Stevenson

Performance Director

Vitfor’s Performance Director has proved his worth as the training expertise behind the successful Commonwealth Gold and Silver medallists Harry and Charlie Tanfield, British Cycling XCM Champion, Amy Souter, age group World Ironman Champion, Clive Kennedy-Burn and many other outstanding athletes.

Craig has spearheaded training the ‘Vitfor way’ based on tried-and-tested science and leading-edge technology combined with an intuitive personal touch which puts the individual at the heart of their training program.

His areas of speciality include cycling, running and triathlon coaching from novice to pro, VO2 Max and CPE testing and biomechanical bike fitting – oh, and just for fun, he’s also a qualified dive instructor!

Byron Spence

Strength + Conditioning COACH

Vitfor’s expert Strength + Conditioning coach, has been consulting and coaching for over 15 years. His clients include pro cyclists, Premiership Football teams, American soccer teams, the GB Diving team and elite and AG Triathletes.

When he isn’t coaching, Byron is often to be found practising what he preaches! Having competed at semi-pro level, he now enjoys Crit racing, running and duathlons where he represents GB at age group competitions.

Byron’s areas of speciality include strength + conditioning, Functional Movement Screening (FMS) and developing bespoke training and / or rehabilitation programs.

Huw Spacey

Elite Sports COACH

Huw started at a young age as an athlete, quickly developing as a sprinter in his youth on the National Coaching program training alongside National and World Champions.

Injuries caused him to explore other sports and rehab program led him to cycling, where a natural desire to continue pushing for physiological development shaped his love of all things bike. Having worked through club runs, fastest times in sportives then progressing into racing crits, road, TT and Hill Climb competition he turned his focus on his specialist area of coaching cycle athletes.

When he is not beasting himself up Yorkshire’s hills, he loves getting away with his snowboard, cooking, holidaying and watching a lot of sport.

David Starr

Performance Nutrition Coach

As nutritionist to World Championship + Commonwealth medallist, Harry Tanfield and multi-national champion, Hayley Simmonds, David has tried-and-tested experience in using real food to produce real results.

Reflecting Vitfor’s personalised ethos, he takes a bespoke approach to make individual recommendations for each athlete allowing them to achieve exceptional results and help maximise their potential. From specific race plans, to session-by-session fuelling and recovery programs, David provides an elite level of service to every client.

A hockey and rugby player for many years, David completed the ITU London triathlon in 2013. He is currently researching how breaks in exercise affect blood sugar and physical performance for his PhD and is at the cutting edge of nutritional science.

Tim Yarrow

Lifestyle Nutrition Coach

As Vitfor’s Lifestyle Nutrition Coach, Tim specialises in supporting athletes with all aspects of their diet and nutrition, whether to help them achieve and maintain their ideal weight or manage training and competition energy levels.

Tim is a passionate advocate of balanced nutrition based on eating real, whole food and lots of it. It’s all about the quality of the food being eaten and making the right choices at the right times.

As an Ironman distance competitor, Tim uses his own training and competing to develop and refine his approach to nutrition which, post a hot and windy 2018 South Africa Ironman necessitated a cheeky ice cream and an ice-cold pint!

Raf Lanz

Technical Support

Raf was given his first computer at age nine and just two years later was writing programs for friends and family in his native Brazil. He’s since established his own successful UK-based IT consultancy.

Often found at BMX tracks or hanging out at local bike shops, Raf took up road cycling and succeeded as junior state champion. Now retired from competitive cycling, he’s more likely to be found setting his sights at the archery field than donning the lycra.

Despite this, he’s practically on-hand 24-7 for anyone requiring technical user support with our Vitfor FTW personalised online training software.