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How it Works

Imagine having a personal coach on-hand to create a training programme tailored to your lifestyle and helping you reach your goals. A coach who reviews your training daily and adapts it to your performance, energy levels, sleep patterns and muscle soreness, your availability and training preferences.

Imagine no more. Vitfor is an intelligent and flexible training programme for cyclists and runners designed to give you the edge over your friends, training partners and competitors. And because it works, it'll be the secret ingredient you won't want to share!

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  • Choose your sport
  • Take our performance survey
  • Set your goals and training preferences
  • Tell us when you can train


  • We create your training programme
  • Your week 1 training plan is set
  • You train and record your results

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  • We analyse your weekly results
  • We shape your weekly plan as you train
  • We manage your programme to suit your lifestyle


  • Your account comes with full expert support
  • Sport science and IT tech team on-hand to answer questions
  • Email contact 7 days a week

Why Train with Vitfor?

We've brought together the latest ideas in sports physiology and computing power to create a virtual training system for cyclists and runners that adapts as you train.

Your personalised programme will take you through a series of training cycles and recovery periods. You can set specific goals, train for particular events and shape your programme to fit your lifestyle.

Vitfor is convenient, easy-to-use and won’t leave you with a serious dent in your pocket. At £35 per month, and the option to cancel at any time, it's considerably less than personal training and many gym memberships.

And because we’re experts in training, we’re confident that you’ll see improvements in your cycling or running performance in as little as 30 days.

"Vitfor’s big selling point is its physiological sophistication." Simon Schofield Cycling Weekly Magazine

About Us

Vitfor is the brainchild of ex-junior champion cyclist turned IT professional, Raf Lanz, and qualified sports scientist and physiologist, Craig Stevenson.

Together with Elson Zago, the team first came together to help Craig improve his own computer-based training diaries before seeing the opportunity to develop a full virtual training system.

Craig Stevenson, BSc(Hons), MSc

Craig competed as an elite cyclist and triathlete and followed his passion in his professional career as a sports physiologist. Amongst his client base, he has had a number of Team GB athletes, professional cyclists and runners.

When not working on Vitfor or coaching his own clients, Craig is likely to be found putting cyclists and runners through their paces in his Performance Centre in Leeds, or getting away from it all underwater scuba diving!

Raf Lanz, MCSE+I, MCSD, MCDBA, BA (Hons)

Raf was given his first computer at age nine and just two years later was writing programmes for friends and family in his native Brazil. He’s since established a successful, UK-based IT consultancy.

Often found at BMX tracks or hanging out at a local bike shop, Raf took up road cycling and succeeded as junior state champion. Now retired from competitive cycling, Raf is still keen to take to the road whenever he can.

Elson Zago, BSc CIS, MBA, SCJP

Elson is a self-confessed computer geek with extensive experience in designing and developing large-scale computer systems. He is now working as an IT manager in a hi-tech multinational in Cambridge.

Having tried cycling, swimming and running, Elson finally hung-up his sport’s gear in favour of the finer things in life - Italian food and good wine!

As well as individual runners and cyclists, Vitfor has proved to be the secret training ingredient for the Prologue Racing Team.

The Prologue Racing Team boasts a number of talented young riders who aspire to being a leading force in the 2016 Yorkshire racing scene. Using Vitfor for their training has provided them with a cost-effective way to focus on their individual training needs. Already with a few wins under their belts, the team is going from strength to strength.

"After 8 months of relatively unstructured training and 2 months before race day, I felt I needed some extra support and embarked on a 6 week training programme with Vitfor. Not only did I complete the Wasdale X, one of the world’s toughest triathlons, I did so in 16 hours and in 32nd place overall. In a post-race test, I found my fitness levels had improved by over 10% …..can't wait until next season!" Richard Pennock GB Triathlete

Start Training

Whether you're a beginner or elite-level amateur, a cyclist or runner, Vitfor will bring focus to your training and help you achieve your next goal.

Start training today and take advantage of our 7-day free trial. Click here to take our short performance questionnaire, set-up your account preferences and receive your first week's training session.

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