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At Vitfor, we train #ForTheWin. Whether you’re a complete beginner, harbour desires to turn pro, or just want to be your personal best, training with Vitfor means your program will be developed to reflect you as an individual.

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Leading-edge technology

Developed by the coaching and IT team, Vitfor FTW is our own online software that puts you in the driving seat.

The power behind Vitfor FTW means that almost any cyclist, runner or duathlete will see incredible results thanks to its ability to analyse 3D training load, physiological stress mapping and live CP and FTP profiling to create a training program unique to every individual.

Our ‘coaching without the coach’ software means that we can coach you the Vitfor way anytime, anywhere to suit your lifestyle and it gives our coaching team the time they need to deliver more intensive 1-2-1 training where it’s needed.


  • 1 Rainbow Jersey
  • 4 World Cup medals
  • 2 World Champions
  • 2 European Champions
  • 2 Commonwealth Gold Medal
  • 1 Commonwealth Silver Medal
  • 5 National Championship title
  • 1 Tour de Yorkshire Stage win
  • And countless Personal Bests!

Charlie + Harry Tanfield

Vitfor’s highest profile athletes, Charlie and Harry Tanfield have taken the cycling world by storm. Their story is unique, having trained outside of the Team GB system to make it to the top of their sport. Both athletes have been trained by Vitfor Performance Director, Craig Stevenson, for over 4 years. Since their breakthrough year in 2017, both have gone on to achieve the highest acclaim with Charlie winning 2018 Commonwealth Gold in the Individual Pursuit and Harry taking a Commonwealth Silver and Stage 1 of the 2018 Tour de Yorkshire.

"I’m very laid back and I need a coach who’s able to recognise that. Craig does, and he’s facilitated my training in the way I want to do things and that’s given me the confidence in him. Craig has so much experience and so much knowledge. If you come from a background where you want to understand things, you want to learn about what you are doing and make sure you are doing it right, then Craig is the person to enable you to do that. He does things scientifically, and I like the way he works."

Charlie Tanfield

Headed by Performance Director, Craig Stevenson, the Vitfor team has successfully worked with athletes from complete novice to World champions. And they’re not just experts in their fields, they’re also competitive and elite-level athletes who understand what it takes to be the best.

We combine the very best in sports science, physiological and biomechanical understanding and state-of-the-art testing and analysis, with a supportive personal touch and 1-2-1 mentoring and there are no limits as to who we can work with.

Matt Harrison

After just 8 months of training with Vitfor, Matt saw a 23% improvement in his performance metrics. In his mid-season FTP test, Matt showed a 23% improvement in his overall performance (from a start threshold power to weight of 3.25w/kg est. 3rd Cat)

Matt Harrison says:

"Vitfor has given some real structure and direction to my training. Apart from the fact that I can personalise my Vitfor program to fit my lifestyle and goals, the biggest benefit for me is having the sense of someone watching over me, giving me the motivation to train. I'm really pleased with my results. The data shows that I've still got room for improvement which I can plug into my Vitfor program on the way to achieving my goals."

Clive Kennedy-Burn

Having previously trained as an Oarsman at the Leander Club, Clive quit rowing and took-up triathlon. Before coming to Vitfor, he was training for 30 hours a week and getting nowhere. He had a good threshold and was efficient in the mid zone, but he had no economy as he was constantly over-training at the top end.

With a new training focus provided by the Vitfor team, Clive went from being a good middle-distance triathlete to World Champion in just 12 months.

Clive Kennedy-Burn says:

"I still don’t think I’m racing to my full potential yet. I set my sights on retaining my 2017 titles and with the support of Craig and the Vitfor team, I’ve done that. Once you start winning, you don’t want to go back. You have to live and breathe it, or you won’t be any good at it. But ultimately, talent needs drama, and having a new goal gets me grounded and refocused for what’s possible!"

Nikki Bartlett

Pro Triathlete, Nikki Bartlett came to Vitfor for VO2 Max testing and expert coaching advise ahead of her 2019 season starting.

She says, “whether you race professionally, as a seasoned regular competitor or as a relatively new athlete, I recommend investing in the right testing to understand how YOU work as an athlete.

"Finding Vitfor was perfect for me. They helped me to understand where I was in my current training cycle and fitness state."

"The test showed me what wattage or pace I should be running at for a threshold or VO2 Max session. We discovered that I’m actually burning 30g of carbs an hour more than I thought in an Ironman, and therefore have been significantly under-fuelling. And, with the body composition analysis I could see what my best performance weight looks."

"I highly recommend working with the team at Vitfor, you’ll reap a lot of knowledge and huge gains towards your 2019 goals."

More Vitfor FTW users

"After a winter of following your plans almost religiously, I lowered my 10-mile PB from 21:15 to 20:40. Not in the same league as the Tanfields, but at the age of 61, a real achievement for me." Nigel Sign

"Just before Christmas, I did another 20-minute test which looks to be going in the right direction. Thanks for your help – we’re both very comfortable with Vitfor FTW and how we are working with it." Andy & Sue Murtagh

"I started using Vitfor just over a year ago and have found the structure and versatility of it has made a huge difference to my riding. My numbers have improved, but more importantly, I feel confident that I’m not over reaching myself. The support that I get from the team is really important. Their help makes what is primarily an online tool much more personal." Simon Owen

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