On her journey to the world championship in Kona later this year, Team Vitfor OTE rider, Corinne Clark, takes an age group win at this year’s Ironman Lanzarote. She shares her highlights from the race here.

Team Vitfor OTE athlete, Corinne Clark looking solid in the Ironman Lanzarote 2019

“It was an amazing experience from beginning to end, even if the island of Lanzarote comes with its own set of challenges. A washing machine in the swim, windy and brutal on the bike and scorching hot on the run!

“The most amazing part was standing waiting to start the race. With so many other athletes around you, it feels exhilarating, enough to give you goosebumps.

“My lowest point was on the bike when I ran out of water before going up one of the climbs. Lanza really isn’t one of those places to run dry and I really should have grabbed more water at the feed station.

“Crossing the line was a real highlight though and nothing beats that feeling when you realise that all the training has come together.

“My Vitfor training program was focused on getting me prepared for the race and I got some great advice from experts on managing my nutrition.

Team Vitfor OTE athlete, Corinne Clark receives her Ironman Lanzarote age group trophy

“For anyone planning on racing Lanzarote next year, my top tips would be to make sure you keep hydrated well and use sun cream. I noticed so many athletes with sun burn and I was glad to be well covered myself!”

Corinne finished in a time of 11:01:27. She finished 1st in her age group, earning a mention in Tri247 roll call, was 1st non-professional lady and 10th lady overall.

Team Vitfor OTE athlete Corinne Clark’s Ironman Lanzarote finisher’s medal and age group trophy

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